Hi. I’m Kate.  I’m an architect, photographer, wife, mother, paddler and runner.  I was born and raised in Georgia, moved to Seattle for my undergraduate degree at UW (go Huskies!!).  After graduation I had a pit stop in Philadelphia before landing in Austin and UT for my masters degree almost 20 years ago.  And the rest is history.   

I fell in love with photography as an architecture student in Seattle. I spent my time as a student studying buildings and then spending hours in the dark room developing the film and prints. Technology has changed a little in the last 20 years but my love and passion for photography has not.  Over the years I have found myself watching many races and events supporting friends and family and always had my camera close by. Sports can elicit many emotions and feelings; joy, excitement, determination, heartache, and triumph. As an athlete in my youth and a runner and paddler, I have experienced all of those and more.  As a photographer I love being able to capture those moments.

Very little makes me happier or more at peace than hiking until I find that perfect viewpoint to soak in mother nature's beauty.  I could sit for hours just waiting for whatever animal wanted to grace me with it's presence or waiting for the perfect sunset.  If you can't find me once my kids are grown, I'll be off in the woods somewhere with my camera and a book.